19 October 2018 - 10 Heshvan 5779 - י' חשון ה' אלפים תשע"ט
Restoration proposal to save Tianjin Synagogue E-mail

Tianjin, China, less than a  thirty minute train ride from Beijing, is home to one of the few existing synagogues in China. While the synagogues in Shanghai and Harbin, have generated much international interest, the Tianjin Synagogue has seemingly been forgotten.

There have been numerous modifications to the original structure, built in 1939 by the Tianjin Jewish Union. Most of the community immigrated to Israel in the mid-1950’s. The synagogue has suffered severe damage as a result of surrounding construction and transportation projects.

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Israeli pomegranate trees planted in Hubkapong to honour Thailand's King E-mail

The Government of Israel announced that, on 3 May 2007, it will plant 120 Israeli pomegranate trees to mark the celebration of His Majesty the King’s 80th Birthday.

Israel and  Thailand have very close relations. The trees will be planted at his Majesty’s Summer Palace, in Hua Hin, the location of the Hubkapong Demonstration Agricultural Centre.

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Deputy PM Mofaz visits Dehli E-mail

Israel’s Shaul Mofaz, Deputy PM & Minister of Transport & Road Safety, made an official visit to Dehli in March  to hold a number of meetings with Indian officials.

The purpose of this visit was, in part, to highlight the high priority of national infrastructures in key transportation areas. The delegation from the Ministry of Transport met with several Indian counterparts

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Purim throughout the region E-mail

Jewish communities throughout Asia celebrated Purim with displays of colourful costumes and an atmosphere of joyousness.

Communities came together to read the Megillah and again for parades and carnivals.

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Chinese government conducts DNA testing on Kaifeng Jews E-mail

Judaism is not one of the five officially recognised religions today in China yet there are families who still identify themselves as Youtai (Jewish) on all official government documents.  The legitimacy of this claim, linking modern families to the Kaifeng Jews, has been a source of debate for many years.

On the face, the Youtai appear to look no different from their neighbours, almost entirely “Han Chinese”, but these families hold onto an identity very deeply rooted in their past.

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