20 October 2018 - 12 Heshvan 5779 - י"ב חשון ה' אלפים תשע"ט
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“OpenRestaurants” culinary festival returns to Jerusalem E-mail

With over 80 unique culinary experiences combining food with art, culture and innovation, the urban culinary festival “OpenRestaurants” will return to Jerusalem for the third year running, from 13 to 17 November.

The many open kitchens, private tours, food talks, art and culture bring together the rich fusion of ethnicity that multicultural Jerusalem offers, showcased at some of the city’s most exciting and celebrated restaurants and landmarks.

The festival explores the flavours, scents, spices and cultural charm unique to Jerusalem. It will cover the city, offering a distinct series of events in some of the city’s top cultural venues. Together with world-renowned chefs, the event promises to redefine traditional culinary experiences and challenge the norms of food and cuisine.

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Jerusalem International Oud Festival 2018 E-mail

The Jerusalem International Oud Festival is an annual celebration of the Middle East’s “king of instruments”, a pearshaped string instrument that is very popular in North African Middle Eastern music, with Greek, Moroccan and Egyptian artists taking part. This year’s festival will run from 8 to 17 November.

Founded in 2000, the Oud Festival promotes cultural diversity while strengthening familiar sounds and protecting endangered sounds.

Every year the festival presents many original productions and special performances that offer unique interpretations of ancient and modern works and illustrate the connection between Arab and Persian classical music and Jewish liturgical music. The best Oud players sing and play original music, along with Mediterranean classics. The festival gives a stage to many special projects related to the instrument.

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Anat Heifetz exhibits bamboo fashion and art in Manila E-mail

For Israeli fashion designer and artist Anat Heifetz, bamboo is not just a clump of stalks that people often see swaying in the Philippine landscape, it’s a medium through which she can best connect her two homes, Manila and Tel Aviv.

After completing her undergraduate degree at Shenkar College and her graduate studies at Tel Aviv University, Heifetz spent many years as a fashion designer for several international brands.

Soon after, she decided to branch out on her own and create her own line with her own designs. Through her travels in fashion, she grew particularly fond of Southeast Asia, and decided in 2015 to relocate to the Philippines with her family.

Two months after arriving, she started taking her fascination with bamboo a notch higher by creating art with it. “I arrived in the Philippines in December 2015 and everywhere I travelled I saw those huge stalks of bamboo. The minute I saw them, they reminded me of fabric rolls. I wanted to somehow turn those bamboo poles into fabric rolls, so I started painting and carving on them,” she told the Philippine News Agency.

From 24 July to 26 August, more than 100 of her intricately carved bamboo poles, replicating the look of textiles, were showcased at the Bamboo Road: Tel Aviv-Manila exhibition at the Ayala Museum in Makati City, Manila.

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