30th International Klezmer Festival Print

The 2017 International Klezmer Festival in Tzfat, Israel, marked the 30th gathering of tens of thousands of international and local visitors for this unique, free musical event. This year the festival took place from 22 to 24 August.

Klezmer is a musical tradition of the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe, depicted in some famous movies such as Fiddler on the Roof. The most common instruments are the violin, the accordion and woodwind instruments. Israel’s best Klezmer musicians performed together with international Klezmer greats. This year five main stages were set up in the old historical alleys of Tzfat, lending a special atmosphere to the festival.

There were also many other activities around the city, including a “Klezmerim for Kids” stage, tours and workshops in the spirit of the Kabbalah and more.

(Issue Sep 2017)